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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a work in progress and is, of course, always subject to change. We believe in privacy and we hate it when companies sell or give away our personal information to other companies that use it to market to us...or just plain hassle us. Therefore, we understand your concerns about privacy and we don't plan to abuse any of your information.

How Do We Obtain Information

  • We don't secretly collect any of your personal information.
  • Collection of Non-Personal, Non-Identifying Information:
    • If you do not choose to identify yourself when you visit our website, and are only browsing through the site, we might gather certain information about the traffic to our website. We collect non-identifiable information about the computers/browsers viewing our pages: For example, whether or not the computer visiting our website has visited it previously, what pages are viewed, how long the visit lasts. This information is gathered via a website statistical analysis, which uses first-party tracking cookies. This is used ONLY by our website analytics system and ONLY for the purposes of analytics of our website. No outside company or website has access to this statistical information. It contains no personal information and only tracks usage within this website. This information only provides summarized, statistical reports, and contains no individual, personally identifiable information.
  • Personal Information: The way we MIGHT obtain information is through you. When you send us an email, we potentially could remember your email. If you call us, we potentially might have be able to see the phone number you called from. When you send us something in the mail, we might see your address. When you Like us on Facebook, we can potentially see whatever information you choose to share.
  • Honestly, we don't usually care about reusing any of your information unless it's appropriate (e.g., we need to answer your question or converse with you, etc.)

What We Do With Your Information

  • Unless we need to return a call or reply to an inquiry, we probably won't do anything with your information.
  • Be aware that if you, for example, post something PUBLIC on our Facebook page, blog, etc., we might refer to your public post. If you don't like this idea, then send us something privately.
  • We will NOT sell or give away your information.
  • Did you hear that? We will NOT sell or give away your information.
  • If you still aren't clear, read above again!



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