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About Advanced Development Concepts, LLC

We offer a variety of services to help many different kinds of companies grow. We are very good at helping you (owner or manager) improve your business or team...really! We expose our secret below to show how we get results!

Our company has the skills to help you solve problems. We've successfully done it for many other companies and we can do it for yours. Take a look at our resume and what our clients say about us for a clearer description of who we are. We specialize in helping you figure out what you really want and then helping you get it done.

What's Our Secret?

Advanced Development Concepts has conducted business since 1986 when we started as a leading-edge, custom software developer. Through the years we've grown in scope and experience. We have a secret formula with several ingredients:

1. We Listen!

Before we suggest anything, we listen! Sounds simplistic? Think about the last time you brought in an outsider to solve a problem or provide a solution. Did they waste your time or money? We have a reputation to uphold so why waste everyone's time by jumping to solutions without understanding the real need? Why would we work hard to give you a creative solution when we didn't bother to LISTEN to your situation, ask a lot of questions to make sure we understand, and THEN start serving you appropriately? Yet, we get project after project via clients that had one of our competitors waste their time! Our competition is a good source of new clients!

2. Our Structure is an Advanced Concept!

Advanced Development Concepts is unique in that it does not regularly staff full-time employees, unless a project demands it. This actually is a true strength. Almost every team member on an ADC project has a stable job in a high-tech industry, leading university, or quality business (or they own their own business, like some of our team). Many are true leaders in the business community or their specialized industry. Because most of us already have job security and a stable income, we take on projects because they interest us and we want to be involved, not because we are forced to "feed the overhead."

3. Experience (Been There!)

The ADC family knows and highly respects each other based on current or past work experience with each other. We are (for the most part) professional friends but at the ADC level, we only use the best talent for a task and we don't invite weak players.

We're not learning on your dollar! We are able to take the experiences and training we gain from our full-time work and apply them to our customer's needs. In return, ADC provides us (as part-time, project-oriented employees) with an even wider variety of business experiences that both help us avoid burnout and actually enhance our worth to our full-time employers.

Our competitors are so focused (and biased) on making a certain level of company income to stay afloat (because their company takes a big slice of the revenue just to remain open for business) that they often grow stagnant in their ideas and techniques because they don't have time to continue learning. Our company structure helps ADC remain very stable and avoids the serious financial strains that many companies face in this industry because we don't have the overhead of regular employees. It allows us to offer competitive pricing AND solutions that fit your need. That is an advanced concept!

Don't be concerned about being neglected once you become our client. We ONLY accept new clients and projects when we are sure we can handle the responsibilities that go along with the project. If we do not feel we can adequately give you the service you deserve, we will be upfront with you. Please take a look at our testimonials to get a clear picture of what our company is all about.

4. Christian-based Philosophy

Our founder is a strong Christian and most of our team members are as well. However, PLEASE understand that we don't expect YOU to have similar beliefs. We don't preach and we'll treat you the same no matter what your beliefs. We just want you to know that we believe that we (ADC staff) answer to a Higher Power and it governs how we treat others.

[This next paragraph was not easy to write but we want to get it out there because...well...just because]
HOWEVER, just because most of us at ADC are Christians, please understand that we don't appreciate being taken advantage of when it comes to YOUR ethics. We work to support our families and while many of us volunteer on our own, the company itself takes on only pre-selected pro-bono clients because it severely cuts into our ability to serve our paying clients. Please forgive us if this comes across as harsh.

Our Mission

Helping Businesses Thrive!

"Our mission is to use our experience and innovation to help our clients be more effective. Through our talent and concern, we strive to exceed our client's expectations and to show integrity in our business relations. In this process, we become an asset to our customers which will cause both them and us to profit mentally, emotionally, and financially because of the results."


"If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there." --Robert Kiyosaki

We've been helping businesses grow and improve through creative concepts since 1986.

APC Family

About our Name:

Advanced Programming Concepts (APC) was the original company name but as APC performed more and more consulting and management functions, we have decided to transition into the new company name of Advanced Development Concepts (ADC) to better encompass our wide variety of services. We still have the APC company but we all work for both companies and they really are the same. However, APC has a few legacy applications and contracts, etc. so we'll keep it around a while.

Privacy Policy:

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