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Company Resume

Below is a pseudo resume for our company. This is a partial list of the projects that Advanced Development Concepts has completed. As you can see by the variety we have chosen to list, we have experience in a wide range of markets, businesses, and applications. We love the variety because each one enriches our experience and builds new friendships and partners. If you're interested in hearing about some of our results, look at our section on What Clients Say, we included some letters we've received.

Website Design, Development, and Maintenance

  • A Dash of PanacheA Dash of Panache. ADC helped design and develop this company from its inception. The website was a natural development process that covers the eclectic variety of services that this company offers, making it a challenging company to market and rank in search engines. The website ranks #1 or at least the top 5 for all major search phrases in its industry...and these are natural rankings, not paid positioning.

  • Lilliput Children's ServicesLilliput Children's Services. LCS is a large adoption agency in Northern California with 12 offices. This particular website far surpasses their previous website and meets all the criteria specified by LCS. It ranks well in SEO for key categories.

  • Adventist Healthcare Retirement PlanAHRP (Adventist Healthcare Retirement Plan). This is a full-blown retirement plan website that has 60,000 regular clients that sign in regularly to check and modify retirement balances.

  • Stutchman Forensic LaboratoryStutchman Forensic Laboratory. ADC did extensive consulting with SFL to clearly understand their highly specialized and technical business, target market, etc. This website ranks high in key search engine phrases and SFL has to regularly turn away (or refer) business because the website brings in so many leads.

Custom Software Development

  • Compubar Clinical Documentation SystemHome Health Clinical Charting System. In order for Adventist Health to complete a key software project on time, we were contracted to write a complicated HCFA-485 Editor and supporting file maintenance programs to integrate into Adventist Health's Compubar™ Clinical Documentation System. Incorporates bar code data entry, a very complex charting phrase editor, complex form printing algorithms, user-friendly maintenance programs, error handling, etc.

  • Dove Evangelistic Tracking SystemDove Evangelistic Tracking System. Designed and developed a full-featured software system to track demographics, attendance, decisions, and many statistical results for evangelistic and revival meetings as well as church outreach programs. Tracks a large customizable variety of statistics and allows clients to customize and filter the data for the many reports the system can produce. Used by hundreds of churches and evangelists. Was the #1 software product in its category.

  • ASK-A-NURSE Data Tracking System. We were hired to analyze, rebuild, and enhanced a customer data and statistical tracking system for Referral Systems Group (acquired by McKesson HBOC). This strategic software is a community-based telephone health information and referral service which produces efficient and complex statistical reports with multiple data gathering programs.

  • Dating Service and Roommate Finder System. Developed a unique database system for Abel Roommate Finders which is used to match customers based on a complex variety of desired physical and personality characteristics.

  • Corporate Mailing List System. Advanced multi-user mailing list program that included advanced sorting, categorization of names, tagging names individually and/or by category, printing tagged names to labels or envelopes, exporting to various data formats, etc.

  • Pac*Tel™ Budget Interface. Created a budget interface program for Pac*Tel™ that allows the importing and exporting of mainframe data through a PC front-end system designed for more efficient editing and reporting of the data.

  • Security Permits Software. Powerful software system to handle the issuance of security permits and logging of disturbances and violations at a 10,000 person campground in Soquel, CA. Includes easy editing, advanced searching, and nice reporting capabilities.

  • Bible Topic Management Software. Created, copyrighted, and marketed Bible Topic Management 2.0 which is a Bible reference management tool that includes a topic database, reference database, concordance, and sermonic outlines.

  • Eating Disorder and Alcohol Treatment Program. Developed a large patient tracking system for the rehabilitation unit of St. Helena Hospital and Health Center. System tracked a variety of information about patients and program attendance, etc.

  • Water Treatment Plant Software. Created a complex and extensive system for the Napa/American Canyon Waste Water Management Authority that calculates, tracks, and reports various chemical measurements and other related issues. Chemical analysis formulas were intricate and required careful quality assurance. Reports included a large variety of graphs and charts.

  • Volunteer Time Tracking System. Subcontracted (via Snipe's Enterprises) to write a complete system to track service time for over 700 volunteers at Alta Bates Hospital. System was easy to use yet provided a wide variety of features. Included service record award reports, etc.

  • Automated Job Tracking System. Developed a system used to automate a time card and work record for specific services performed at Preferred Images, Inc. System was used to produce customer billing reports and to track historical information from which strategic management decisions could be made.

  • Financial Analysis Package. Created a financial analysis package for Business Enterprises that keeps track of and reports financial trends of departments in various businesses. This EIS (Executive Information System) was a strategic asset for upper management and required careful testing and quality assurance.

  • Plates Management. Designed and developed a database system for plate collectors to track and catalogue their collection.

  • Nuclear Medicine Data Analysis Program. Wrote various segments of a software system to aid in the testing of the linearity of data from CT scans in hospitals. This software was used by service technicians for configuring and testing this equipment. Algorithms consisted of fairly complex mathematical models.

Business Consulting

Due to the nature of business consulting (helping businesses solve problems), most businesses would prefer not to be specifically listed on the Internet (thus, findable by anyone) as having a problem that we helped them resolve. Therefore, if you'd like specific references, we will get these for you on an individual basis. We do have SEVERAL letters of reference that give some nice insights into the extent and quality of our work. 

  • Business Planning. We have helped numerous businesses develop or improve a Business Plan. Depending on the needs of our clients, we use a variety of tools and techniques to analyze and create this document. A good business plan document should be the guiding light for a business's decisions and focus. Because few businesses remain the same year after year, business plans are often updated regularly (1yr, 5yr, etc.) to ensure they remain relevant. We've helped several businesses develop Business Plans, clean up existing BPs, review BPs with a set of fresh eyes, etc.
  • Marketing Plan. A Marketing Plan is somewhat similar to a Business Plan, and is often used AS the Business Plan for some small and medium companies. A good Marketing Plan very clearly identifies things such as:
    • the Target Customer and several key aspects of this target audience. This information is essential in developing focused advertising and marketing techniques.
    • all of the marketing options available to the company and weighted benefits (pros and cons), costs, ROI (Return on Investment) of each of those options.
    • goals and desired outcomes.
    • tracking techniques to determine the success (or not) of specific marketing campaigns.
    • location analysis.
    • etc. (yes, the catch all little "etc." designed to hide the complete list of items because we're hoping you'll call us)

  • ROI (Return On Investment). When trying to select between different projects, options, solutions, it is extremely valuable to determine the parameters and calculate the ROI of the various choices. This can significantly help in the decision-making process. We have helped companies determine the ROI between different projects to help prioritize the implementation schedule. We've helped determine ROI between multiple software solutions, advertising options, hiring vs. contracting options, interface projects, development decisions, real estate investments, etc.

  • Temporary Leadership. This usually involves stepping in temporarily as a substitute leader for a specific project, team, time period, transition, committee etc. Examples include:
    • Temporary Team/Department leadership until a replacement can be hired. Often when a manager leaves, it is necessary to have an experienced person fill in during the hiring process when temporarily promoting an internal employee is not desired (lack of skills, jealousy of those not selected, a politically-charged situation).
    • Virtual Team Leadership for a specific project when an outside leader is needed because of lack of internal resources, a politically situation, or the desire to have an unbiased viewpoint.
    • Leadership during a transition period. For example:
      • Eventual disbanding of a team, unit, department, or company. Often this is needed when a manager leaves or is reassigned early and a substitute is needed to manage "things" until the disbanding process is completed.
      • Merging of companies, departments, units, teams. Until a leader can be announced, it's often desirable to fill position temporarily from the outside to avoid political issues.
      • While waiting for the arrival or announcement of a permanent leader, we can fill in for the interim.
    • Leadership to be the "Bad Guy" or "Hatchet Man." Often when companies have difficult decisions to make (layoffs, firings, disbanding, closures), they will bring in an outside leader to take the heat and make the tough decisions (even if just publically) that could damage the good reputation (or career) of existing leadership. This is a common strategy and it's important to fill this difficult position carefully.
    • Special Project Leadership. Often companies need to bring in some temporary help to lead a specific project because they don't have the resources, time, personality, and/or project management knowledge to handle it internally. Also, it's often wise to just get an external, non-biased, expert to help out on a particular project. We've helped with numerous projects including building projects, software design teams, hardware/software decisions, conversion projects, business expansions, etc.
    • Committee Member/Leadership. We've sat in on numerous committees for a variety of purposes (to fill in for long-term illnesses, temporary leadership, to fill a skillset or expertise needed for that committee, to provide a set of "unbiased eyes").
    • Human Resources. We've helped with interviewing and hiring decisions to fill an expert roll. For example, when a company needs to hire a CIO or technical manager but HR doesn't have an expert on board to help filter and interview candidates, we can fill those shoes for you.

  • Business Improvement, Quality Improvement, Business Process Auditing. Our Senior Consultant was a certified Senior Examiner for CAPE (the California version of the national Malcolm Baldrige Quality Awards program) and our team has been VERY successful in helping businesses SIGNIFICANTLY improve processes. Here are a few examples:
    • We have repeatedly been brought in to analyze an inefficient business process. We follow the process from start to finish and ask lots of questions to thoroughly understand the process (why, how, etc.). Then we help the company develop a more efficient process, sometimes using software solutions. The new process always saves time and money and increases quality.
    • We can help companies determine Quality Improvement goals, develop plans to obtain them using CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement), measure the outcomes, and report the results.
    • Companies often find themselves doing okay but they cannot seem to be able to get to that next level of quality. That's when it helps to bring in a company like ADC to provide that boost of outside energy to get you over that hurdle.

  • Hardware and Software Selection Consultation. Many companies go through a process of evaluating a new system from multiple vendors and choices but, often, they do not have the technical expertise to ask the right questions during the demonstrations and evaluation sessions. We have sat in on MANY of these types of evaluation sessions and our clients have been very pleased with the way we work WITH them in helping them to select the right solution for their business needs.


Other Testimonials

  • If you're trying to find out what we're like to work with, you seriously need to read some of the material on our What Clients Say page. It's interesting and very insightful!