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If you've read About Us, you'll understand that our company structure is very unique. We do not employee full time, permanent professionals. INSTEAD, we have a close-knit group of professionals that we call in for projects, depending on the needs and skill set requirements.

We are always on the lookout for VERY HIGH QUALITY and EXPERIENCED team members, but they are difficult to find. If you think you have high ethics, a great personality, and serious experience, we'd be interested in meeting you. You'll have to send a resume and be prepared to provide letters of reference from satisfied clients or employers.

It's important that you understand that this will not be a consistent, full-time job. You need to be in a position where you can take off time to work on short-term, intense projects. Therefore, make sure you have enough vacation time saved up or are in a situation where you can be flexible and focus on our projects and give our clients 100% of your time and effort.

Positions available*

*Read the paragraph above because we're always on the lookout for quality people.

Position: Hardware and Networking Expert

Description: Although we have a highly-skilled hardware and networking team, we're looking for another member who has a very flexible schedule.

Requirements: Preferably, we'd like someone with a wide variety of experiences. This team position typically helps in hardware selection committees and comes in on special assignments to help companies with special tasks (e.g., sudden turnover of knowledgeable staff, sudden problems that their team can't resolve, etc.).

Position: Database Expert

Description: We'd like to supplement our database knowledge with another active DBA who can handle all aspects of the administration and who might be able to take on temporary full-time assignments that could last up to a month.

Requirements:  Thorough knowledge of SQL Server, Oracle, and mySQL. Knowledge of data connectivity to a website is essential.


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