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Below is a list of various informative articles, posts, and other material that are usually specific to a client's request. We'll add and remove material as needed.

Business Networking Examples

If your business can benefit by receiving outside referrals, business networking groups can sometimes be a gold mine of resources. Most are designed to encourage its members to market each other's businesses. This includes trying to be loyal to the members of the group before looking elsewhere for the services. What goes around comes around and most members of networking groups understand that by giving to others, helps bring back business.

  • Fellowship Networking Group - This is a group of Christian business owners. It's category exclusive but members are allowed to be part of other groups. It truly is a premiere networking group and they encourage forming new chapters. ADC is extremely active in this corporation.
  • Successful Thinkers - This is a FREE networking group that focuses on educating business owners. ADC is actually an ambassador for the Roseville Chapter.
  • Get Networking Now - This advanced Business Networking Resource offers both online and offline networking strategies that allows an entrepreneur to save time and money.

Is YOUR Email on a SPAM List (Black List)?

If you think your email has been black listed and is getting rejected because it is on a SPAM list, you can do some research to confirm this. Here are some websites that can be used to determine if you got black listed:

How to Easily Determine what Memory your Computer has and Your Upgrade Options

Get more for your computer at Crucial! The image to the right takes you to a website that lets you download a SAFE utility that examines your computer's memory and then displays a really nice report showing what you have and what your upgrade options are for that specific computer. Yes, you can also purchase memory from this company (we do regularly), but the utility is free and excellent. Here's how to use it:

  • Click on the image link above.
  • Select the "System Scanner." It will let you download a scanner that will do the work for you (it's completely safe and won't leave any garbage/spyware on your computer).
  • Follow the directions.
  • IMPORTANT: If you buy memory from them (really good prices!), and you're from the U.S., remember to change the British flag in the upper right corner into the United States flag so you'll get FREE SHIPPING (typically 3-5 days) and totals in dollars!

How to Convert Images

ConvertHub is a good online location to convert all common image formats.


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