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Identity Theft, Hacker Techniques, and Business Password Safety Education Seminar

Understanding Online Security and Creating Hacker-proof Passwords

Advanced Development Concepts has developed an extremely-important, informative, and very interesting LIVE mini-seminar focused on password safety and the dangers involved in carelessness. This course is very important for businesses, teams, clubs, and homes, to ensure informational and financial security among its members. One security breach because of a hacked password can cause financial ruin and major identity theft problems.

What damage could be done to your company (reputation, financially, trade secrets, customer list, formulas, etc.) if a hacker was able to obtain the login information of a key employee? Learn how they do it and how to stop it!

Weak password security costs companies and individuals a lot of time and dollars!

  • LivingSocial got hacked and over 50 million user accounts, emails, names, addresses, dates of birth, and passwords were stolen.
  • Federal Reserve internal website was hacked and the personal data of over 4,000 bank executives (names, addresses, phones, email addresses, and fax numbers) were stolen AND PUBLISHED online. Ouch.
  • lost 145 million accounts to hackers.
  • JP Morgan Chase, the world's largest bank, had 76,000,000 accounts copied after hackers got access to their highest level of computer administration access.
  •'s many of the 32 million users who signed up on the extra-marital affairs website were released to the public, exposing high-ranking executives, government officials, and more.
  • Gawker's database of emails and passwords was not only hacked by a group called Gnosis, but they deciphered over 250,000 of the passwords and posted them online! This resulted in MILLIONS of accounts on other systems being hacked because people tend to use the same password for multiple accounts. The identify theft damage and financial theft could not be calculated.
  • Need to see hundreds more? Check this out.

What you will learn:

  • The potential damage that can be done with a stolen password
  • Why your email account is the “Holy Grail” to a hacker
  • How hackers obtain your password
  • The difference between a weak password and a strong password
  • The 5 things a hacker knows
  • How to create “hacker-proof” passwords!

You will be able to create hacker-proof passwords with the following features:

  1. Impossible to guess, even by your closest friends and relatives
  2. Complex enough to be mathematically impossible for hacking programs
  3. Easy to remember
  4. Unique for every single online account
  5. And yes… they can even be safely written down!

Seminar Price

We charge $49.95 per person for this live course with materials. We guarantee that you enjoy the course and that you will find the information valuable and extremely useful. We do offer excellent group discounts and, occasionally, we post coupons on our Facebook page.

This class is informative, interesting (really!), and VERY useful. So far (knock on wood), we have exceeded the expectations of 100% of our attendees! Contact us to arrange a seminar for your office or to find out when we're teaching our next group session at which individuals can attend.

Password Security Training Seminar Class for Online SafetyScott Alvord teaching Password Safety Education Seminar Course


Below are survey comments from attendees at a series of Password Security seminars we gave at the Roseville Police Business Academy (we've consistently scored 100% satisfaction):

"[ADC] presented excellent information on password security. I took away some great new tips. I will use the information provided in this module for both my business and personal life."

Nice password protection trick!

I am in the process now of recreating a very strong password system. Thanks to Scott's very creative way to make this more secure. Great insight also by you to bring these innovative and creative people in to show us how to do this.

This section was very useful!! I will be changing all my passwords tonight!!

THIS WAS EXCELLENT. I have trouble remembering the passwords for all the accounts ... I usually end up resetting my passwords to something easy, of course. I learned how easy those are to crack. So this information REALLY helped me. Thank you!

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be a presenter at the Spring 2014 Police Business Academy. The information you presented is a valuable addition to the academy and is very useful to those in our business community! I look forward to working with you in the future." -Nina Shaull (the coordinator for the Police Business Academy)