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Although we've developed several commercial products over the years (see Company Resume), this page contains some general products and product packages. We will eventually add additional products here but our focus is temporarily elsewhere.

Existing Website Analysis and Evaluation

We will perform an analysis and evaluation of your existing website and provide a private and unbiased report describing Pros and Cons about your website. Most company websites are fairly good but lack optimization for search engines, page refresh speed, ease of navigation, overall design, etc.

If you'd like an outside review of your website, Contact Us and we'll discuss how we can help you.

Facebook Business Page Setup, Configuration, and Marketing   

If you'd like help properly setting up a Facebook page for your business, Contact Us. We've setup, designed, and configured numerous Facebook pages for businesses of all sizes. There are several tricks and strategies that are better than others.

Marketing Analysis

Marketing your company properly is critical in being successful and growing your business. We have experience in not only helping you identify your real target market but reviewing your marketing efforts to see if they are reaching that target. We can also help you design a marketing campaign to directly target the future customers you need. Contact Us for details.



List of Past Software Products

  • Contracted to Develop a HCFA-485 Home Health Clinical Charting and reporting module to be integrated into large clinical documentation system.
  • online stores gather. This automated website is literally built from a database via unique technology. The website is not actively maintained anymore but for 2 solid years, it ranked #1 in Google search engine rankings for almost all of its shopping categories and produced good passive revenue.
  • Dove Evagelistic Tracking System was created from the ground up and quickly became the leading software system used by evangelists worldwide to manage their evangelistic series.
  • There are several more software products listed on our Company Resume.