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Roseville Real Estate Domain Names, Sun City Domain Name Package

Roseville and Sun City Real Estate Domain Names for SaleAssuming website content is equal, domain names containing search phrases or keywords naturally score higher in search engines than domain names that do not contain those key words or phrases!

Google used to rank keyword-rich domain names high regardless of their content, but their algorithms have improved. However, when someone searches in Google with the phrase "Houses for sale in Roseville," the domain name "" will rank above any other domain name, assuming the content on the websites is equivalent.

Advanced Development Concepts has been collecting quality domain names for Roseville and Sun City. A single home sale as a result of any one of these domain names will produce an ROI (Return On Investment) well beyond the cost of acquiring that domain name. Domain Names can be used as investments and sold individually or as packages. Dot-com domain extensions (.com) are highly prized over all other extensions.

Many professionals link domain names together and use the high-ranking domains to point searchers to their primary business websites. There are many techniques that can be used to DOMINATE search engine rankings using these domains!

NOTE: Although having words all mashed together in a domain name is preferred for a primary website and email extensions, domain names with embedded hyphens still have rank value because words are already parsed. Domain names with multiple words rank well if those words, used in any combination, are in the search phrase. We recommend using a hyphenated domain name as a feeder to your main website and not as the main website itself since it's easy to forget to type in hyphens if you tell a client about the domain name.

NOTE: It does not matter whether domain names are listed or used as all lower case, upper case, or mixed case since browsers treat them all the same. So the following are all the same:,, and When printing on your business card, mixed case is often easier to read and figure out.

What about the registered trademark REALTOR®? While an individual member may only use this mark as part of their domain name or email (e.g., "" or "") as long as it's not a formal part of their legal business name. Other forms of domain names with "Realtor" in the name can be redirected to a website that fits the mark regulations. For example, type into a browser and notice that it redirects to

Here are the domains (IMAGINE these as search phrases):

Roseville Real Estate Domain Name Package:

Roseville is the economic engine of Placer County and real estate growth has a long-term, positive outlook!

  • - This is a very common and valuable search phrase!
  • - Similar to above, includes the state (not to be confused with Roseville, MN).
  • - Another very valuable search phrase!
  • - When someone is planning to move to Roseville, this is what they'll need! You want to be the one they call!
  • - Ditto; just plural. This landing website can be a directory list of your office buddies with brief bios and a link to each one's primary website.

Sun City (Roseville or Lincoln) Real Estate Domain Name Package:

See the information below to find out WHY Sun City domain names are so valuable!

  • - I might want to live in Sun City and I want to know what houses are for sale.
  • - I want to connect with a realtor who specializes in Sun City.
  • - Ditto.
  • - Ditto. (NOTE: All of these domains can be made into separate mini-websites tuned to particular search phrases and all used to point back to your primary business website).
  • - A common search phrase when someone wants to sell their parents' home in Sun City.
  • - Great for buying and selling a home in Sun City.
  • - An excellent search phrase domain name that can feed into your primary website.
  • - Another valuable search phrase for people looking to Sun City.

WHY are Sun City Real Estate Domain Names Valuable?

Because this is a very focused area (specific location name used for searching) that is becoming very active (again) because of its "situation." These homes were built between 1995 & 2000 and sold out to people over 55 (often much older). These mature adults are upper-middle class Caucasians. For quite a few years, it was difficult to find homes for sale in this highly-valued community.

HOWEVER, these homes are now between 13 & 18 years old and this means that, generally speaking, the average age of the home owners has increased by 13 to 18 years. The original owners are now starting to “expire” or move into assisted-living facilities which means that there is an increasing turnover of properties and, often, offspring are searching for realtors to sell their parents’ homes. Here are some interesting 2011 statistics about Sun City Roseville:

  • Population: 5,336 people
  • Median Household income: $95,372 (median in Roseville is $75,184)
  • Owner Occupied homes (as opposed to renters): 88.7%

Package Pricing:

Remember, if any one of these domain names bring you even ONE single home sale, they will have paid for the entire package multiple times over!

  • Both Domain Packages (including ALL 13 domain names listed above (Roseville AND Sun City): $1,950 ($150/ea). You can turn around and sell unused, individual domains for much more than this.
  • Roseville Domain Package (5 domains): $1,250
  • Sun City Domain Package (8 domains): $1,400 ($175/ea)
  • Any individual domain name listed: $750 (yep, we're trying to make it hard for you to break up our hard work in obtaining this portfolio. There are several individual domain names worth well over this price. Their value will only increase over time as the real estate market uses up all available search phrases. Make the investment in the package, sell what you don't want, and you'll likely find that you're sitting on a nice profit.)

We will sign a contract and transfer purchased domains into your possession immediately upon the received payment (or we will hold them for up to 6 months, at no additional cost, until you are ready to receive the transfer).

You can then use, hold, or resell any of them as desired.

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Most Expensive Domain Names

     1., $35M, 2007.
     2., $16M, 2009.
     3., $30.18M, 2012.
     4., $14M, 2010.
    10., $5.88M, 2008


  • "Domain names and websites are Internet real estate."--Marc Ostrofsky
  • "A domain name is your address, your address on the Internet. We all have a physical address; we're all going to need an address in cyberspace. They're becoming increasingly important."--Bob Parsons

  • "We all know that all of the good domain names are already taken, and we had neither the desire nor budget to try and fit our business into a pre-existing word - so we made one up."--David Rusenko