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Website Development

Website Design, Development, Modification, Conversion, Support, and Maintenance

Advanced Development Concepts has been involved with several very successful website projects, both in the analysis and design of the website as well as in the actual coding, development, publishing, and maintenance of the website.

IMPORTANT: The key to successful website development is listening and asking the right questions! If you read About Us, you'll see that we're not your typical high-tech company.

We have the experience and business knowledge to know that it is critical to find out exactly what image you're trying to portray on your website. For example, are you a small mom-and-pop shop trying to improve your image as a high-quality professional business?

 It's also critical to find out exactly who your target market really is. Do you need help with graphics? We'll help you determine what kind of search engine optimization fits your website. And remember, we are not here to judge you or point out flaws in your business (unless you ask us to do so). We work with you to determine the perfect solution for your needs. Read the letters we've received from our satisfied clients.


  • It is not about bits, bytes and protocols, but profits, losses and margins.” --Lou Gerstner
  • According to Website Magazine, "An average estimate for a professionally designed multi-page website is approximately $8,000 to $10,000." (Nov 2011, Your Designer Makes What?!) We are happy to announce that we are well below the curve in price! Yes, we've built a $30,000 website but most of our sites are in the $1500-$5000 range.