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What Clients Say

Before deciding whether to trust any company to work for you, it's important to see what their previous clients say about them. Hopefully you will find a common theme in the letters and references below.

Testimonials from Clients

  • AHRP The Adventist Healthcare Retirement Plan has over 60,000 users on the website we designed, developed, and support. This letter was written by the President of AHRP. It includes phrases like:
    •  "complete satisfaction"
    • "professional manner"
    • "very reasonable fee"
    • "customized to our particular needs"

  • Orangevale SDA School letter to Advanced Programming ConceptsOrangevale School Website. The principal of this school wrote a nice letter to APC (subsidiary company to ADC...same business) about their school website. Note: We recently helped them move over to a completely different "canned" website that they now maintain themselves. Comments in this letter include:
    • "excellent to work with"
    • "exceeded our expectations"
    • "we have one of the finest websites for any school in the United States"
    • "highly recommend"

  • Hardware and software configuration including extensive trainingLearnWell Resources, Inc. We were contracted for a year-long project with the Kaplan Foundation. This project provided full computer systems to multiple under-privileged high school students in the greater-Sacramento area who showed significant academic promise. We researched, purchased, and configured computer systems and loaded them with several leading-edge software packages. We then installed the systems and trained the students in each software system including e-mail and Internet browsing. The students were contacted regularly and quality support was provided during the year-long contract. Comments in this letter include:
    • "good work in facilitating..."
    • "you were most professional and helpful"
    • "the project was very much worth the cost."
    • "highly recommend"
    • "It was a pleasure to work with you."

Letters About Our Consultants

  • Letter of recommendation for Scott Alvord by Adventist HealthLetter of recommendation for Scott Alvord by Adventist HealthAdventist Health (Corporate office for 20 hospitals on the west coast). This letter of recommendation was written for our founder, Scott Alvord, when he resigned to pursue entrepreneurial projects after almost 18 years of dedicated work for the company. Some of the key inclusions are:
    • An overview of the various management positions he held, including accomplishments.
    • "Lead in the development of many innovative tools"
    • "Developed a thorough ROI calculations system"
    • "He lead the Clinical Development Team for 12 years"
    • "led the Integration Team (including EDI)"
    • "full-time Project Manager...managing large matrix teams"
    • "Corporate Security Coordinator"
    • "even managing the Adventist Health softball team for many years."
    • "a very creative person."
    • "cares a lot for his team members"
    • "He enjoys challenges and is a hard worker."
    • "decided to resign and pursue other challenges such as growing his software development and consulting business"
    • "I would highly recommend him for a variety of technical and management positions."

  • CAPE Recommendation for Scott AlvordCAPE (California Awards for Performance Achievement...California's version of the National Malcolm Baldrige Quality Awards program. This letter of recommendation was written for Scott, who earned the title of Senior Examiner in the program (teams of examiners evaluate every aspect of large corporations and score them through a feedback report. Some key phrases in this letter include:
    • "learns very rapidly, is extremely diligent, and thoroughly reliable."
    • "He clearly knew the content of the application better than any of us, and came forward with insightful comments at all stages of the process."
    • "his energy, enthusiasm, intellect and team skills."
    • "I would gladly work with him on any project."

  • Letters from Professors in the CSU-Sacramento's MBA-MCA Program. These are some of the letters received by professors. What we're extremely excited about is that the pursuit of this advanced degree was performed with 100% effort (no coasting) while working full time and still being part of a healthy marriage with parental responsibilities.
    • Marketing, Gaedeke to Scott AlvordMarketing (by Professor Ralph Gaedeke, Ph.D.)
      • "...Scott Alvord who truly stands out among his peers."
      • "was THE outstanding member of his class (#1 out of 52)...almost flawless...99.8%"
      • "outstanding academic and personal qualifications"
      • "He is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, the highest national scholarship honor that can be given to a business school graduate student."
      • "He always came to class well prepared"
      • "His conceptualization, organization and communication skills are excellent."
      • "extremely well organized as he balances full time work, family responsibility and academic achievement."
      • "friendly demeanor and strong sense of social responsibility"
      • "trustworthy, responsible and caring."

    • International Operations, Wang to Scott AlvordManagement of International Operations (by Professor Ruth Wang)
      • "Scott excelled in every one of them and ranked first in this class of 37 MBA students."
      • "His analysis was very thorough..."
      • "I valued his contribution in the classroom discussion very much."
      • "a very good team player."
      • "He knows how to spearhead and coordinate a group project successfully, and share the credits with his teammates."
      • "I feel very honored to write this letter for one of the best students I've known in my 15 years' teaching at CSUS."

    • Management Information Systems to Scott Alvord by McNurlinManagement Information Systems (by Barbara McNurlin)
      • "Scott excelled in all these areas."
      • "He was my leading light in my class of 31"
      • "his team's oral presentations and final paper were of the highest quality."
      • "showed great concern for balance"

    • Behavioral Science Management to Scott Alvord by CleekBehavioral Science Applications in Management (by Professor Margaret Cleek, Ph.D.)
      • "capacity to function at a highly abstract level, making connections between previously unconnected information...the capacity for creative thought." "I would place Scott in the ranks of these select few."
      • "exceptional intellectual capability, a high personal work ethic, and the ability to work effectively with a diverse group..."
      • "showed mastery of the subject matter"
      • "well-developed ability to express himself both in written and oral presentation modes."
      • "prompted me to urge him to pursue a Ph.D and a teaching position"
      • "His ability to integrate difficult behavioral concepts, his communication skills, his ability to assess the behavioral elements of situations, and his interpersonal skills..."


More Scrapbook Stuff...

  • Our CEO, Scott Alvord, was voted the #1 Favorite Business Person in the 2010 Roseville Granite Bay Rocklin Style Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards! In that same issue, he was also voted #1 Favorite Civic Leader in 2011!